Door car and maintenance

Care and Maintenance | SOLARFOLD

Your Solarfold door will be a pleasure to use. To ensure that your folding or sliding door is kept in its peak condition we recommend that you follow the simple steps below.  These guide notes are intended to help you maintain your door system and ensure optimum performance at all times. 

1 The best method of cleaning your folding or sliding door is by regular washing of the powder coating using a solution of warm  water and mild detergent or when the window cleaner cleans the glass ask them to wash the frames as well.  All surfaces should be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge. Stubborn marks on the powder coating of the doors can be removed by using a liquid cream cleaner.

In hazardous or marine environments the normal frequency of cleaning should be at a maximum of three monthly intervals.   

It is a condition of the powder coating company that records of cleaning schedules and frequencies should be kept and made available if requested for guarantee purposes.

If the system is subject to any hazardous unusual environmental factors, or is close to salt water, an estuary or marine environment, then the coating company (Solarfold doors will advise on this on request) must be consulted on an individual basis.

A guide below as recommended by our powder coating suppliers:

Normal environment Clean and check every 12 months
Marine environment Clean and check every 3 months
Industrial environment Clean and check every 3 months
Industrial and marine environment Clean and check every 3 months
Swimming and leisure pools Clean and check every 6 months
The category will depend on geographical location; environmental surroundings (industrial, swimming pools; marine etc); levels of atmospheric pollution; prevailing wind; protection of the building by other buildings; if there are environmental changes during lifetime (ie rural areas becoming industrial etc). 
Do not, under any circumstances, use strong solvents or solutions containing: chlorinated hydrocarbons; esters; ketones; abrasive cleaner or polish.



Bottom tracks of the doors must be kept clean.  A vacuum cleaner is the easiest method and we recommend that this be carried out at least once every month - or more often dependent on use. After cleaning we recommend that the track is then lubricated with a silicone spray at the point where the wheel and guide discs (at the bottom of the running gear which is connected to the door hinges) connect with the track; this prolongs the life of your system. You can also spray the running gear and guide discs for optimum performance.


For optimum performance of the locking mechanism of folding and sliding doors, keep your keys and profile cylinder locks clean by applying a light lubricating oil to the key and insert in and out of the cylinder a few times every three months. This will both lubricate and clean ensuring easy operation.


Should you experience difficulty with the running mechanism or any operational parts of the door and following the above steps has not remedied this, contact us immediately for instruction as any damaged caused by ‘forcing’ parts will not be covered under your warranty.